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Humblebrag On Tinder

I Passed With Flying Colors

Drug Tests

Press 1 For More Hot Horse Talk

Gelatin Talk

She Has Her Associates In Industrial Plumbing

Kissing Guy Available

You Know I’m Good For It Baby

Cough Syrup

Technically One Garbage Bag And One Hamster Cage, But Who’s Counting?

Moving In

Love Is All About Subtle Compromise

Tinder Love Is All About Compromise

We Just Put Him Face-First In The Toilet And Locked The Door

Pet Sitting Is Difficult

This Safe Way Ketchup Isn’t Going To Eat Itself



Nerve Tonic

Bobby Knight Fantasies

Bobby Knight Fantasies

Always Reveal Your Most Disgusting Secrets First

Are We Married Yet

My AIM Screen Name Is DilatedPupils69

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