If you’ve spent some time on the internet, you might have heard a vicious rumor that Australia is a gigantic penal colony where every organism has evolved into a sophisticated killing machine. We did a little of research and it turns out these rumors are 100% accurate. Let’s take a look at all the ways Australia is borderline uninhabitable:

Just Two Demon Spawn Fighting For Who Gets To Eat Who


Fact: Fire Tornadoes Kill Seven Thousand Australians A Day

Fire Tornado

Lord Of The Underworld Eats Deceased Mephistopheles Minion

Python Eating A Giant Pig

Oh Look, A Couple Of Thigh-Sized Insects Are Eating Each Other!

Demon Spawn Feeding

Another Day In Australia: Hound Of Hell Eats A Washed Up Dinosaur

Dingo Eating A Shark

Fresh Water Sharks Are A Thing

Fresh Water Sharks

Gigantic Predatory Bug Becomes Food For Other Gigantic Predatory Bug

Giant Bugs

Oh, Someone Found A Crocodile The Size Of A Truck! Or As It’s Known In Australia, Tuesday

Gigantic Crocodile

In Australia, Spiders Eat Birds

Golden Orb Spider

This Is One Of The Most Deadly Animals On The Planet

Irukandji Jellyfish

This Kangaroo Served 10 Years For Manslaughter And Now Wants Revenge

Jacked Kangaroo

These Ostriches Just Robbed 3 Banks


A Python Eating A Crocodile, Because Why Not?

Python Eating Crocodile

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