Because who wouldn’t want to be a chocolate beer specialist or a driver of a dumptruck full of fire? We take a look at the best jobs ever that may have you rethinking your career choice:

How Does One Take A Career In Paper Folding?

Bear Biologist

Jerry’s Got It Made

Best Job Ever

Testing The Very First Bulletproof Vest

Bulletproof Vest Tester

The Katy Perry Boob Adjuster

Best Jobs

Chocolate Beer Specialist

Best Jobs Chocolate Beer Specialist

This Guy’s Entire Life

Best Jobs Ever

Corgi Wrangler For The Queen

Best Job Ever Corgi Wrangler

Best Jobs Ever: Teen Exorcist

Best Jobs Ever Teen Exorcist

This Puppeteer / Professional Butt Snuggler

Best Jobs Puppeteer

Being A Ranch Dressing Expert

Best Jobs Ranch Dressing Expert

Dousing Models With Water

Best Jobs Water Provider

Best Jobs Ever: Dip Maker

Best Job Title

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