OK, so by now you probably already have heard of the Spanish Doña Cecilia’s slaughtered restoration of an important depiction of Jesus in the Ecce Homo painting (more background at Epic Fail). Nevertheless, the somewhat senile señora has developed quite a fan following on Imgur as evidenced by the following ‘restorations’ of Monkey Jesus:

The Restoration Of Sheep

Banes Ecce Homo Restoration

Restoration Of Cereal

ETs Restoration

Neutral Milk Hotel's Restoration

The Restoration Of Ross

The Restoration Of Birth

The Restoration Of The Virgin

The Restoration Of Jurassic Park

Restoration Of The Scream

Monkey Jesus The Shining

Best Monkey Jesus Renditions

The Restoration Supper

Restoring Liberty With Monkey Jesus

Restoring The Rooster with Monkey Jesus

Mount Rushmore Ecce Homo Restoration

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