We’ve all been there: young, impressionable, and in retrospect, pretty embarrassing. Thankfully (sort of), people have cameras to capture us at our worst and even more thankfully, some have chosen to share their worst pictures in the aptly titled subreddit Blunderyears. For your enjoyment, the best of our worst years captured in pictures:

“My best friend’s eighth grade yearbook photo”


“People always joked my eyebrows were “fierce”, but I never got it until now.”

Fierce Eyebrows

“I used to think Black Metal was so cool when I was 15”

Cemetery Goth Teenager

“I was the MS Paint Master at eleven.”

Photoshop King

“That time I went to my high school prom and looked like a 45 year old woman.”

40 Year Old Teacher Outfit

The Best Of Blunderyears: “I was an 80s kid.”

80s Kids

“9th grade wasn’t mine finest year.”

Blunderyears Fedora

“I brought an XBOX controller to my senior photos. also bowl-cut.”

Xbox Portrait

“In high school, my friends and I formed an all-girl Christian “punk” rock band. We thought we were so cool.”

Blunderyears Christian Punk

Blunderyears Christian Punk Band

“I really wish someone hit some sense into me and my ball-sack beard.”

Facial Hair

Me in 2003 with my mum. I am a Male by the way.

He's A Boy

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