“In middle school, we didn’t get invited to parties so my friends and I would pretend to get drunk and post the pics online.”

Middle School Party

“Sophomore year photo, 1999. I’d do me.”

10th Grade Photo

“Why was I not the popular kid in school?”

Blunderyears Bullied

“A face my own mother couldn’t even love. She refused to put my 11th grade photo up in the house.”

He's 17

“My mum used to wonder why I got bullied at school as a child”

Funny Blunderyears

“Here’s to a time of eyeliner and Evanescence”

Goth Chicks

“My favourite bands were Backstreet Boys and Marilyn Manson.”

Neck Collar

Best Of Blunderyears: “No regrets.”

Blood Guy 1

Blood Guy 2

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