Hey, how bout ‘em!

Saw a real good pair of boobs once. Couldn’t stop thinkin about ‘em after, couldn’t stop thinkin about ‘em for days.

Sure do love boobs. Kissin ‘em, givin ‘em a nice feel, dreamin about ‘em, you name it!

Big boobs, small boobs, medium-size boobs…need I say more?

Some boobs are more of a round shape, some a little less so…pretty good variety of shapes you got when it comes to boobs.

Hey, how bout when you walk or sit side-by-side with a lady and your arm or elbow brushes up a few times against the side of one her boobs? That’s a pretty fun time.

Hey, how bout this one? Ever get your head right between some lady’s boobs and you forget the future and you forget the past and alls you can think about is boobs? The best, huh?!

Ever notice that boobs feel different depending on whether she’s layin down or standin up? Fascinating.

Y’know, there truly are lots of different ways for boobs to feel. Some like water balloons, some like kickballs… I could go on.

Met a lovely gal one time who had a tattoo right in the middle there, between her two boobs. How bout that!

Ever seen boobs pierced in the nipples? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience.

Okay, fellas (well most of ya, and some ladies, too! Plus others.) — why do we like boobs so much? Is it because a lot of us don’t have ‘em ourselves? Is it because they remind us of our mothers? Is it because you can’t usually show ‘em on TV? Oh, who’s to say. Boobs… what else can be said? How bout ‘em!

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