Elon Musk

Famed business magnate and CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk, plans to launch an unmanned spacecraft to Mars in 2018. This launch, if successful, will be a monumental moment in human history.

But…when he goes to sleep, and all the robots are gone, and all the other people are gone, and it’s just old Elon, does he think to himself: “Hey, hey. I’m okay. I’m not perfect. And that’s okay.”?

Boy, I sure hope so.

This September, Musk unveiled a number of details regarding SpaceX’s long-term plan for Martian colonization. In short, he would like to transport 1 million people to Mars over the course of the next 100 years, using a spacecraft called Interplanetary Transport System (ITS for short).

But, y’know, after a long day of meetings, and looking at blueprints, and figuring out detail after detail…does Elon ever get around to a little introspection? I wonder if it ever goes a little something like:

“A lot of people know me, and a lot of people like me! And some people most certainly don’t. But I don’t need to get hung up on what those people think. Because I love myself. And that’s what gets me through the day. Yes sir! My name is Elon Musk. And I am a good person.”

According to Musk, a best-case scenario would be to launch a fleet of 1000 ITS vessels, each containing 100-200 passengers, every time Earth and Mars align favorably (roughly once every 26 months). 

His hope is to work towards a solution to humanity’s most pressing problems, namely the concerns of overpopulation and climate change that threaten to leave our planet unsuitable for continued human life as we know it.

My hope, of course, is that Elon loves himself. Because we may go through life and accomplish everything we ever dreamed of. Or we may go through life and fail to achieve most of our goals. We may find ourselves unsatisfied by some things that we thought would satisfy us, and we may be surprised at times, finding satisfaction in small things that we didn’t expect to mean anything. But if we can honestly say that we bring our best selves to as many situations as possible, and that we do our best to be kind to others, and that we are able to approach the world with respect, positivity, and grace…then we are blessed beyond our wildest dreams.

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