Whether it’s a poorly thought out cover design or a book topic that leaves you scratching your head, a hilarious look at thirty-three of the funniest books ever made:

It’s Important To Teach Your Kids About Zombies

The Funniest Books Ever

Mmm, Delicious Children

Eating Children

More People Need To Read This Book

Funniest Books Ever

The Book Is Empty


Anybody Can Be Cool

Anybody Can Be Cool

The Berenstain Bears Learn About Love

Why Is Mommy Moaning

Cook With Pooh

Cooking With Pooh

This Describes My Life

Everything Is Illegal

This Was A Book 30 Years Ago

Fashions That Please Him

Feelings Are Overrated

Feelings And How To Destroy Them

Funniest Books Ever: Gross

Funniest Books The Best Dad

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