As the days get warmer and the trees begin to blossom, the whole world seems to have only one thing on its mind: staying inside a dimly lit room and taking bong rips while listening to Sublime. April 20th is finally upon us, a day when stoners can live exactly the way they do the other 364 days of the year. In celebration of the world’s most anticipated fake holiday, we journey through high inventions, a dazzling showcase of some of the most innovative ideas that never will be:

The Snuggie, that, like, also has a soda holder in it. And pizza. And a pocket for the remote.

420 Science Fair Snuggie

It’s like the “Forever Lazy,” but it’s called the “Face It, You’re Not Going Anywhere.” For real, though, who wouldn’t buy that?

A bed that we could drive to the store right now.

Drivable Bed

Holy shit. What if there was some way to get a big thing of Gatorade and some skittles but we didn’t have to drive. What if we could drive our bed cars to work. And then work in bed. But at work. Ah man, I’d get so much done if I could just sleep while I was doing it.

A pizza tracker, but for everything.

High Inventions Life Tracker

Like, anything you ever want, it could be delivered to your door and you could know exactly when it was coming, plus, you could also post it on your Facebook for likes. Real talk, though, how fucking sick would that be?

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