I Don't Give A Fuck Snowman

How many fucks do you give? Too many? Too little? Just enough? Take this quiz and find out … or don’t.

We don’t give a fuck either way.

  1. Your roommate finished off the last of your ice cream and didn't replace it. You react by:

  2. Your significant other dumps you in a text. You respond with:

  3. Some friends want you to go out for drinks with them. You'd love to but you have to get up early for work in the morning. After weighing the pros and cons you:

  4. Whilst hiking in the woods you come across a bear who looks like he'd rather rip your spleen out than calmly let you pass. Thinking fast you:

  5. Someone unfriends you on Facebook. You react by:

  6. One of your friends jokingly calls you fat. You:

  7. Whenever you watch the part in Toy Story 3 where the toys join hands and await their inevitable death you:

  8. Your mother goes to give you a hug in public. You respond by:

  9. You're at work when suddenly the fast food you had for dinner last night makes it's presence known. You feel a major gas attack coming on so you:

  10. It's laundry day and the only clothes you have to wear are your old MC Hammer pants from 1991 and an ugly Christmas sweater you bought "ironically". Unfortunately you need to run to the store for some milk so you:

Thanks to Reddit for the great gif.

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