So , you’ve spent the last few weeks watching The Steve Harvey Show while eating cold leftovers in your bathrobe. You thought about joining a book club, and you’ve even taken up positive thinking — but are you truly, finally at your rock bottom? Is it time to take up Zumba? Take this quiz and find out:

  1. How many times a month do you cry at happy hour?

  2. There’s free food left over from a meeting at work. You:

  3. Which emoji best describes how dead you are inside?

  4. Your favorite Pinterest Board is:

  5. Your birthday is coming up. You:

  6. Which food item is your favorite misguided attempt to save yourself?

  7. Oprah is:

  8. Your first thought when you wake up in the morning is:

  9. Choose a Yankee candle scent

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