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These days, we really can’t go anywhere without our phones—and that includes the bathroom. Sometimes those five minutes on the john can be just enough time to crush some candy or plan a raid on a rival clan. Let us guess your number one game for when you go number two!

  1. In the days before smart phones, what was your preferred way to waste time while taking a dump?

  2. What's your favorite non-electronic game?

  3. How would you describe your bathroom?

  4. What was your favorite thing to read as a kid?

  5. What is your favorite movie?

  6. How much non-bathroom time do you spend playing games on your phone?

  7. Do you ever spend actual money on mobile games?

  8. Other than playing games, what do you use your smart phone for the most?

  9. Do you ever get so caught up in your game that you forget to wash your hands before you leave the bathroom?

  10. Do you ever lie about having to poop just so that you can play your game?

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