5. True Life: I’m a Grumpy Cat

grumpy cat

Grumpy Cat has captured the hearts of millions, despite his distaste for humanity in general. Take an inside look at the life of Tarder Sauce, Earth’s favorite cantankerous kitty.

4. An Awesomely Mean Prank


Only to be used in the most dire of situations, and when you know for a fact you won’t be invited back to their home again…

3. Four Fantastic Coral Reef Creatures


Sometimes creatures of the deep can be pretty weird and scary, but we think these little squids are cute. The other swimmers on this list are both cool and creepy.

2. The 2012 Republican Ideological Survival Suit


Now available in 7 easy payments of $2,000!

1. The Funniest Facebook Posts of 2012


We searched high and (way, way) low for the best ofย Facebook stupidity/hilarity/sadness for 2012. The list ended up being a treasure trove of giggles.

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