From the greatest Facebook statuses ever to why you should never add your parents on Facebook, we’ve had a great year documenting the hilarity of Facebook. But over the course of 2012, we neglected the best part of Facebook: deliciously humiliating fails. Enjoy as we compile the best Facebook fails of 2012:

The Best Facebook Fails: Single Again

Single Again

Humiliating Mom Burn

Best Facebook Fails Mom Burn

It’s Good To Have Role Models

Just Like Dad Facebook Fail

Fake Facebook Girlfriend Fail

Fake Facebook Girlfriend Fail

Grandma Is Down To Chill

Grandma Wants To Chill

Embarrassingly Desperate Facebook Flirting

Facebook Flirt Fail

The Best Facebook Fails: Terrible Self-Picture Fail

Facebook Fails Of 2012 Self-Picture Fail

John Likes His Own Drinking Problem

Drinking Fail

Dad Isn’t Good At Searching

Dad Searching Facebook Fail

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