Fake Chick-Fil-A Profile Facebook Fails

Chick-Fil-A Facebook Fail

One Big Awful Facebook Fail

Facebook Fails Of 2012 Economy

The Best Facebook Fails: Dumped… Literally

Facebook Fails Of 2012 Dumped

Flirting Fail

Facebook Online Flirting Fail

Daddy’s Little Girl

Daddys Girl Fail

How To Confuse An Idiot

How To Confuse An Idiot Facebook

Mirrors Are Confusing

Ceiling Fan Facebook Picture Fail

Didn’t The Bible Invent Christmas?!

Bible Verse Fail

Trying Way Too Hard On Facebook

Trying Way Too Hard Best Facebook Fails

Groundbreaking Asteroid Research

Asteroid Research on Facebook

Are Turkeys Animals!?

Animal Rights Facebook Fail

And The Awkwardest Facebook Fail of 2012…

Biggest Facebook Fail of 2012 Awkward Girlfriends Parents

Images above via Guyism, Lamebook, Reddit, and…. us!

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