Does Everyone Hate You Or Are You High

You’re chilling at somebody’s apartment, smoking, having a good time, when suddenly something changes and you can’t help but feel like maybe everyone hates you. It’s palpable… or wait, is it? It sure feels like people are looking at you funny, but then again, you’re super fucking high.

Take this quiz to see if this shit is real or in your head, but keep it quick so people don’t think you’re being antisocial:

  1. How many people are looking at you right now?

  2. How’s the conversation going?

  3. How do you know these people?

  4. Did you just bring up the topic of God?

  5. Are you forcing people to watch a YouTube video you “swear will totally be worth it”?

  6. Do you have any unresolved issues with people around you?

  7. Are you acting weird?

  8. What’s everyone up to after this?

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