STD Quiz

By virtue of taking this quiz, you’re probably one of the more abominable human beings out there. But do you mildly inconvenience everyone like herpes, or do you slowly eat away at people’s defenses like AIDS? Take this quiz and find out which sexually transmitted disease you most resemble!

  1. Someone has wronged you! Your revenge entails:

  2. The first thing you look for in a lover is:

  3. The song you most identify with is:

  4. You see a kid throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of Walmart, what do you say to the child’s parents?

  5. Your favorite way to spend a Friday night is:

  6. If you could have any superpower it would be:

  7. Your favorite James Bond is:

  8. Your mom gives you a really ugly sweater for Christmas. Your response is:

  9. You've overstayed your welcome at a party, and the host is desperate for you to leave. The only way to get rid of you is to:

  10. When you have The Talk with your children, what will be the most important piece of advice you give them?

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