5. Best Divorce Letter Ever

epic divorce letter

Just the beginning of an epic divorce letter from Dan to his lost love, Connie. No matter how much your ex reeks, at least it’s not Dan. Trust us.

4. Televangelist Benny Hinn and God’s Jacket

Televangelist Hits Man and Saves His Soul

Chemo therapy won’t cure cancer. A cast won’t mend a broken leg. It is actually televangelist Benny Hinn’s jacket that will do that and so much more. Raking in over $200 million a year by hitting people with an article of clothing, the anointing jacket has been a godsend for Hinn. Well, at least it’s not Members Only.

3. 4/20 Stoner Dash

parachutes and the police

March 20 is a day of celebration for many. It often calls for weed, Taco Bell, and in this case parachutes. Not sure which is funnier, though: the footage itself or the camera man’s laughter.

2. The Nine Most Crippling First World Problems

First World Problem: Pandora Playlists

Living in a first world country can be rough. Being white and middle class in a first world country can be even more rough. Check out some of its many throes here.

1. The First Zombie-Proof House

Exterior View of the Zombie-Proof House

Some conspiracy theorists say that 2012 will bring about an apocalypse. With movable walls and a drawbridge, purchasing the first zombie-proof house would be a great way to prepare for it. Nota bene: flamethrowers do not come with the home.

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