With an easy to use blog interface and a Twitter-like experience for content, Tumblr has quickly reached the top of internet platforms. Unfortunately, Tumblr is also where teenagers and hipsters collide in an all out battle of blurry photography, quoted song lyrics, and terrible poetry. Luckily, someone decided to make a mockery of Tumblr’s worst offenders, and so Trolling Tumblr was born:

Trolling Tumblr Stuck In The Laundry

Best Of Trolling Tumblr Lung Cancer Comes Next

Tumblr Hands Are Mainstream

Tumblr Trolling Meme Giraffe

Tumblr Trolling Good In Goodbyes

More Of The Best Of Trolling Tumblr

Tumblr Troll Hipster Planet

Parked Car Scenic Photograph

Tumblr Troll What The F

Tumblr Meme

Tumblr Youre Young Shut Up

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