Transgender Teen

High school is an exciting and tumultuous time for teenagers. It can be downright stressful navigating the social world, clubs and activities, and of course, occasionally worrying about schoolwork! No one knows the pressure of juggling all of that –PLUS worrying about which bathroom to use – better than Alex Duarte, a freshman at Hastings High School who recently came out as trans.

“I’m super busy with Drama club, I’m in an AP math class, and I got Homuth for Bio and everyone knows he’s the toughest,” he said. “I also sing in show choir and I tried out for JV soccer, so I’ve got a lot on my plate these days, but I’m fairly confident I can just hold my piss these next four years so I don’t get harassed in the bathroom,” he said feigning optimism. “Seems like the best option.”

As the debate continues over whether transgender people should use the bathroom that reflects their assigned gender at birth, Alex believes that this may be his safest strategy for surviving high school.

“This past summer, I cut my hair short and started to become more comfortable using the men’s restroom when I was out in public,” the shy teen said. “But now that I’m back in school, some of the parents are worried about their sons having to share a bathroom with someone who was born with a vagina. And others worry about a boy in the girls’ restroom and how God doesn’t make mistakes and ugh, high school is so confusing. I just need to pee!”

The administration at Alex’s school has tried to be understanding, but there is not currently a gender-neutral bathroom for students on campus.

“It’s gonna be tough to get through the day, especially on the days where I have PSAT prep after school, but I think my safest bet is to just hold my piss while I’m there. Sure, it’s bad for my kidneys and it increases my chances of getting a urinary tract infection, but all of the concerned parents who have been complaining to the school keep telling me how they’re praying for me. Maybe their prayers will help?”

At press time, Alex was trying to find another after school activity after being told he wasn’t allowed to compete on either the girls or boys soccer team.

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