We’ve all had a miserable trip home for the holidays: flight delayed, bags lost, phone dead. But Brooklyn resident Alyson Zamora really went through the ringer on her way home on Wednesday. Her horrific trip home makes a Peter Pan bus ride look like a luxury cruise. We hope this insane series of tweets to make yourself feel a little better about your own trip home.

8:07 AM:

Heading Home

8:41 AM:

Trip Home

9:28 AM:

Traveling Home

10:12 AM:

Vacation Trip

10:41 AM:

Bus Disaster

11:23 AM:

Travel Tweet

11:41 AM:

Christmas Vacation

11:43 AM:

Music 11:57 AM:

Live Tweet

12:03 PM:


Worst Trip Home Ever

12:09 PM:

Tweeting Home

 12:19 PM

Uber Pool Tweet

12:59 PM

Worst Vacation

1:47 PM:

Miserable Travel

2:47 PM:

Horrible Journey

3:41 PM:


3:56 PM:

Twitter Live

4:32 PM

Freeway Killer

5:52 PM:

In A Barn

6:12 PM:

Barn Bleeding

6:54 PM:


7:05 PM:

Suv Blood

7:46 PM:

Coke Car

8:08 PM:

Cop Chase

8:18 PM:

White Christmas

9:18 PM:

Plane Ticket

10:18 PM:


10:49 PM:

Heading Home

Zamora reported that she did finally make it home sometime early the next morning after “bizarrely flying to Boston via Michigan.” When asked how her missing kidney is doing, Zamora said she “could not talk about that at this time.”

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