The Most Awkward Christmas Photos Ever

Ah, Christmastime the holiday season: a time when families convene to celebrate the divine gifts of love, community and tree-shaped sugar cookies. A time when humankind’s bizarre attraction to unwieldy fabrics, patterns and facial expressions abound in family photos, unshackled by the confines of color theory and common sense. In short, a time to be captured and enjoyed by the Internet with the most awkward Christmas photos ever seen:

Awkward Christmas Photos Ape

Awkward Christmas Pictures Baby

Awkward Christmas Doll Photo

Awkward Christmas Photographs Felt Fabric

Awkward Christmas Pics Glasses

Christmas Photo With A Goat

Christmas Photos Guns

Awkward Christmas Photos Hipsters

Awkward Christmas Photographs Hot Tub

Christmas Photos Lights

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Alec is an inadvertently funny guy who likes to take out his piercing inadequacies on the general populace and James Franco.

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