If there is one outlying element of greatness of the internet, it’s the ability for something to be saved forever while being disseminated almost instantaneously. Ergo, those uncomfortable moments we all experience are no longer just memories but are now easily recordable events which people will happily capture. Prepare to cringe as we recount forty of the most awkward moments of 2013:

This Unusually “Close” Brother & Sister

Brother And Sister

This Hilariously Terrible Baby Name

Worst Baby Name Ever

The Boyfriend Who Knows A Little Something About TMI

Awkward Moments Of 2013

This Guy

Panty Sniffing

The Professional Vacuum Cleaner

Awkward Moments

The Most Insane Texts Ever

Awkward Moments Craziest Texts Ever

Awkward Moments Of 2013: Chipotle


Not The Right Time, Buddy

Awkward Moments Facebook Comment

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