Brian WIlliams

Lying about coming under fire on a plane in Iraq isn’t the last of Brian Williams’ unfortunate misrememberings: the NBC News anchor had also claimed to share the screen with daughter Allison Williams in her shocking anilingus scene on Girls.

Mr. Williams has already issued an apology. “I said that it was hard saying my lines while watching a stranger go to town on my daughter’s sphincter. Instead, I was slow jamming the news on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I am deeply sorry for this slip.”

He added, “For what it’s worth, imagining participating in my daughter’s rim job was worse than getting shot down in Iraq. Which, of course, also didn’t happen.”

Many critics wonder: Is it really possible to misremember yourself into your daughter’s ass eating?

To which Mr. Williams has replied, “It’s too possible.”

His daughter Ms. Williams has rushed to his side. “He’s nothing but an amazing dad. The only reason he misremembered watching someone licking my asshole is because he supports my career 100%.”

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