Since the dawn of civilization, mankind has demanded one question of every human: are you a bro, or are you a hipster? Lucky for you, our crack team of anthropologists has created a scientific test for determining what ancient tribe you truly belong to.

  1. Did you move to the neighborhood in the big city where lots of people take shots or lots of people play ukeleles?

  2. Which character do you identify with the most on The Wire?

  3. Do you prefer listening to a long-haired person play music or watching a big sports team score touchdowns?

  4. Daddy pays for:

  5. Do you work as a social media manager or as a social media manager?

  6. You just reproduced! What do you name your spawn?

  7. Your favorite thing is:

  8. How many times have you lost your virginity to Interpol?

  9. Your high school most looked like the cast of:

  10. It's Friday night! Let's:

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