Payday is still a week away and you don’t think you can stomach another night of eating macaroni? Not to worry! Simply dim the lights, light a candle, and tell yourself you’re out at a fancy Italian restaurant as you spoon those noodles right outta the pot you made them in.

Half the battle of being broke is lying to yourself anyway, so eat up, get your head in the game, and keep telling yourself you’re not a walking broke AF meme:

More Ramen tonight:

Side Eyemoney

No, Linda, vacation is not just a “state of mind”:

Vacation Broke

Who are you kidding with that spoon:


Better than Svedka by Marc Jacobs:

Coors Can


French Maid

“Just One More” is the kryptonite of 20-somethings everywhere:

Money Wizard

What, me? No no no, I had some ice and a couch M&M earlier, I’m stuffed:

Not Hungry

Here you have a breaded chicken fillet with a pickled tomato reduction:

Broke AF Memes Fancy Dinner

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