There are always those days when you get bamboozled by a door that should be pushed instead of pulled and leave a big chunk of aluminum foil in the microwave. But even at your worst, you are nowhere near as bad as the simpletons below. Enjoy a laugh and a wince at the forty dumbest things to ever happen on Facebook:

Future Darwin Award Winner

Dumbest Things On Facebook

Gee, I Wonder Why?!?

Dumbest Things On Facebook SATs

So Natural It Hurts

All Natural

The Reasons We Will All Have Polio Soon

Anti-Vaccine Idiots

Birthdays: How Do They Work?

Birthdays This Year

Blast Me Into Space Please

Dumbest Facebook Posts Atoms

Dumbest Things On Facebook: Wat?

Dumbest Facebook Posts Jews

Made In ‘Murica

Dumbest Things On Facebook Made In America

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