Conceived in 2007, SomeEcards blends the perfect mix of sarcasm, depravity, and laziness, and has become the perfect place to send an ecard to celebrate random events (like break-ups and Tuesdays). SomeEcards are the perfect way to let someone know that you care to the point that you’re willing to click a few buttons. We’re such big fans that we compiled our favorites for the funniest SomeEcards of 2012: [All images below via SomeEcards].

Funniest Someecards I Love Booze

Funniest Someecards of 2012 Columbus Day

Age Jokes Ecard

Allergic to Food Ecard

Someecards Best Friends

Funniest Ecards Billing Codes for Wasting Time

Funniest Someecards Cancel Unwanted Plans

Ecard on Dog Party

Someecards Driven from the Bar

Someecards Exercise REsolutin

Funny Ecard Are You A Fire Detector

Funniest Someecards on Flirting

Fuck This Oclock Ecard

Funny Someecard on Liking People

Funniest SomeEcards Of 2012 Living Long

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