For some, trolling conjures up images of a maladjusted 14 year old hurling curse words anonymously through the internet. But trolling can be much more than petty grievances launched through interspace and Ken M proves how trolling can truly be a art. Commenting on the news of the day with his own brand of eager stupidity and misplaced confidence, Ken M brings a new joy to the world of otherwise mundane internet commenting. And so we present the best of Ken M, the internet troll king:

Hilarious Internet Troll

Master Internet Troll

Time Travel Troll

Ken M Master Comments Troll

Internet Troll Rescued Dog

Explaining The Sun

Internet Troll On The Lottery

Ken M Debunks The Moon Landing

Ken M On Hurricane Isaac

Internet Troll King - Groundhogs Day

Fruit Roll Ups

Global Warming

The Internet Troll King On Fast Internet

Distant Planet Troll

Easter Internet Comments Troll

Comments Troll Brunches

All images via imgur and for more Ken M, check out his articles on College Humor.

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