When not offering insightful commentary on Yahoo! News, well-meaning moron Ken M often reaches out to brands on Facebook for advice and human-like companionship. We’ve collected some of his greatest hits, and a few ROTW exclusives:

I Wish I Were Ken M’s Grandchild

Tooth Fairy

Ken M Is A Student Of Life

Student Film

His Grandparenting Style Is Harsh, But Fair


Freedom Isn’t Free, But Donuts Sometimes Are

Dunkin Donuts

It’s All About Science Facts, Not Science Fictions

Universe Mystery

Safety First!

Chef Boyardee

Why Else Would They Get So Big?

Pregnant Bellybuttons

It’s An Easy Mistake To Make


Poor Poor Social Media Intern, You Have To Admire The Effort

Trolls Bushs Beans

I’d Be First In Line At Chunky Cheese

trolls Chuck E Cheese

Ken Helps People Become Ideal Marketing Targets

White Castle

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