Do You Hate Anne Hathaway

Despite being an Academy Award winning actress, LGBT rights activist, and new mother, Anne Hathaway sure gets a lot of hate from nobodies. You probably walk around saying she bothers you, too. But why? Some articles suggest the Hatha-hate stems from her coming off as a perfectionist, but we don’t have any concrete reason to believe she actually deserves a bad rep. If you’re finding yourself Hathually confused, please proceed to find out if you actually dislike her, or if you’re just impressionable:

  1. When you first saw Anne Hathaway’s breakout film The Princess Diaries you:

  2. When Anne Hathaway won her Oscar, you:

  3. Anne Hathaway just had a baby boy named Jonathan! How do you feel?

  4. When Meryl Streep made Anne Hathaway work at a gala and miss her boyfriend Nate’s birthday in The Devil Wears Prada you:

  5. Do you think Anne Hathaway is beautiful?

  6. Do you think Anne Hathaway is a talented actress?

  7. How did you feel watching James Franco put poor Anne Hathaway through an awkward drug fueled Oscars hosting gig?

  8. Did you think the movie Bride Wars starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson was good?

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