Humans: we’re the worst. But what exactly makes you in particular suck so badly? Take our quiz and find out:

  1. Have you ever hit the big slam dunk to win your team the championship?

  2. Do you take online quizzes and share the results?

  3. What's your favorite television show?

  4. Do you write poetry? Ah Christ, you do, don't you?

  5. How cool is Upworthy?

  6. Do you put ranch dressing on everything?

  7. Would you describe your use of self-tanner as 'often'?

  8. What Mad Men character do you imagine yourself as?

  9. You vaping?

  10. How gluten-free is your life?

  11. Do you frequently take selfies?

  12. Are you into improv?

  13. Have you ever referred to yourself as an 'apex predator'?

  14. How old would you say you dress?

  15. Do you read self-help books?

  16. And finally, do you regularly wear or associate with people who wear Ed Hardy?

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