Brian Stephens

Everyone wants to prove themselves a real 90s kid these days, but there’s only one ultimate 90s kids quiz that will tell you if you were Brian Stephens, of Alma, WI, in 1997, and this is the one. Let’s put your knowledge to the test!

  1. What was your favorite extreme breakfast cereal back in the day?

  2. What was your favorite cartoon show?

  3. Where were you when Kevin Michelson fell and hit his head during gym class and had to go to the nurse’s office and everyone knows he totally got a boner when she checked him over?

  4. Who did the sickest wheelie on their BMX right outside the movie theater just as Stephanie Turner was walking out from seeing Men In Black and just looked like a total badass?

  5. What rad 90s tune would get you all pumped up before a game?

  6. Who really set fire to old man Mitchell’s barn that summer?

  7. Is your name Brian Stephens, and were you a teenager in 1997 while living in Alma, WI?

  8. What was your favorite 90s TV show?

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