Got no one to spend Thanksgiving with this year? Aw, don’t worry, champ. Just sit yourself down in front of your phone or laptop and let these six gifs make you feel like you’re surrounded by your loved ones at a delicious feast. There’s definitely, 100% nothing sad about it!

Head Of This Table
Hey, you made it! Hope getting here wasn’t too much trouble. Here’s your seat! Head of the table! Feel free to take a load off and get started with some crescent rolls, we’ve made plenty to go around! See? This is just like having an actual family or human being in your life, right?

Aunt Deb
Looks like Aunt Deb’s up to her usual antics! Simmer down there, Debs, you’ll get yours when it’s ready! Look, we understand that this is not your Aunt Deb, and that you may not even have an Aunt Deb, but we only have access to what gifs the Internet can provide, and our loving, nurting family wouldn’t let us film them because they thought that this was honestly kind of weird. Not that WE think you’re weird, friend. Admittedly, this is not anyone’s first choice for how to spend Thanksgiving, but it is a step up to lazily masturbating to Law & Order: SVU, surely?

Turkey Thanksgiving
Well just take a look at this mouthwatering turkey!! We slaved over this all day for you and by the looks of it, it was worth it! Time to carve this bad boy up and serve it around, you guys! What? Okay, yes, those are not your mom, Aunt Beryl and cousin Steve with the wonky lip, and are, in fact, animated ducks, but let’s not be a stickler about this. We’re doing the best we can to make your day just a tidge less soul-crushing.

Family Squabbles
Of course, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a little family squabbling! Get heated with this family and relish in the uglier side of a genuine Thanksgiving dinner! Hopefully these gifs are not lagging or failing to load. If they are, check your internet connection and see if restarting your router gets them to loop any better. They may not be perfect, but give thanks that you even have these gifs. There are thousands out there spending Thanksgiving alone. You’ve got some GIFS here nice enough to share it with you.

Pie For Thanksgiving
Yummy! I hope you saved some room in that belly for dessert! This pumpkin pie’s still warm from the oven! Dig in! DISCLAIMER: Do NOT dig in, this pie is merely a depiction of pie inside your device and cannot be ingested. Attempting to do so may result in destruction of property or bodily harm. We are required to say this for legal reasons and apologize for doing so. We also apologize for your sad shell of a Thanksgiving.

Family Dance
What an amazing Thanksgiving meal! Hop on up and celebrate family and good times! That is of course, once you’ve cleared your plate! Make sure that if you didn’t help prepare the meal, you are helping to clean up! Have a safe trip back home! You’ve grown so much and it was so good to see you! See you at Christmastime! See? That wasn’t so bad. Now go and have a little cry in the bath.

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