Because there’s no better place to put your awkwardest pictures than for the whole world to see on the internet, we present the twenty-seven awkwardest Facebook pictures ever:

Dad Makes Ridiculously Awkward Comment

Dad Makes Ridiculously Awkward Facebook Comment

Grandpa Gets His Duckface On

Grandpa Gets His Duckface On

Extremely Awkward Profile Picture Fail

Profile Picture Fail

Real Bloods

Bloods Facebook Picture

What. The. F.

Funeral Prom Facebook Picture

Nothing Says Weird Like Misspelled Leopard Tattoos

Tattoo Misspelling Facebook

The Awkwardest Facebook Pictures: Sweet Blade

Awkwardest Facebook Pictures Ever

Awkward On Every Level

Awkward Facebook Puking Picture

Well, We All Found It Funny

Facebook Prank Picture

Awkwardest Facebook Picture Ever

Awkwardest Facebook Picture Ever

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