From the awkward to hilarious fails to the absurdly stupid, we’ve spent a lot of time documenting the hilarious things that go on Facebook. And with over 1 billion users, it’s not what could go wrong, it’s what won’t go wrong. Without further adieu, we present the most ridiculous Facebook posts ever:

Luckily, He Was Still Up

Hilarious Facebook Post Bagpipes

Legend Of The Epic Wingman

Facebook Story Of The Epic Wingman

A Whole Cake Does Seem Reasonable

Funny Facebook Posts Cake

Funniest Facebook Posts: Upgrading Women

Facebook Post On Upgrading Women

A Cab Driver’s Beautiful Revenge

Cab Driver Gets Facebook Revenge

Tramp Stamps

Tramp Stamps Facebook Status

He Does Make A Great Sandwich

Funny Facebook Posts

The Most Epic Facebook Prank Ever

Awesome Facebook Prank

He Thought It Was An Anonymous Confession

Facebook Anonymous Confession

Don’t Lose Your Laptop At An Airport

Facebook Posts Lost Laptop

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