Written and directed by Richard Curtis, it’s a well known fact that this effortless commingling of romance and comedy stars so many celebrities that no single human has ever been able to count them. And you…you will most definitely not be able to count them or enjoy their dry British wit, because you have no eyes. Your eyes are all gone and it’s my fault.

Yes, November 7, 2003 (the day Love Actually first entered our lives and would go on to gross over $247 million worldwide) and now today (the day I have taken your eyes right from your head) will undoubtedly remain in our memories forever. Probably the first thing about Love Actually a little more though because wowee, what a good movie.

So sit back and relax as we journey through the incredible scenes you will experience entirely differently now that all is darkness. Darkness is all there is and there is no escaping:

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